Friday September 1  to Monday September 4

FURY of the Northlands
The Road to Hell

Taber Creek Camp

1174 Buckley Hwy in Union CT 

Labor Day Weekend 2024

Cost: TBD

Battle Games






 An Event Inspired by Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog.

The Evil League of Evil (ELOE) are looking for their newest champion to push back the forces of good.  One of the front runners, Dr. Horrible is currently being favored as their next candidate.

Will you help them fulfill their dream? or usurp the slot out from under them?

The Venue

Tuscarora Scout Reservation

205 Summit Lake Rd A

Windsor NY 13865

This large wooded camping event site nestled in the hills outside Binghamton NY features well maintained campsites, a large dining hall and newly renovated shower facilities overlooking a picturesque lake.



Let us know if you'll be attending!